Behavior Management

These are some of my Behavior Management tools...

Our school mascot is a Pirate, so we designed what we call "Pirate Bucks."  They are treated like a real dollar- the kids earn them for doing good things (following directions, good work, being kind, cleaning up, doing things without me having to ask, etc.), and get to spend them on treasure box items at the end of the week!  Bucks are a different color for each teacher, and they have a little pirate on them with dollar signs.  In my class, you have to have 10 bucks to be able to spend on the treasure box.  10 bucks allows the student to get one prize, 20 bucks = 2 prizes, etc.  

We also have a Special bucket in our classroom.  If you have never read   Have you Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud, you need to click on it and find out what its about right now!  It is a great story for primary teachers to read to their students.  It talks about how everyone has an invisible bucket, and how everyone likes to have a full and happy bucket.  The book talks about ways to fill your bucket and someone else's.  The book also talks about bucket dippers.  Check it out now!  

It has really worked with my kiddos!  When I catch someone doing or saying something kind I let them go up to the bucket, write their name on a yellow ticket, and put it inside of the bucket.  At the end of the week I draw names for prizes :).

This is our Treasure box that is filled with prizes.  Inside are things the kids can spend their 10 pirate bucks on every Friday.  I am in the process of organizing the inside because when 21 5-year-olds sift through it every Friday, items get tangled and mangled and that makes it hard to find certain things.

This our class behavior clip chart.  Each child has their own clip with their class number and their name on it.  Just by looking at the chart you can tell what each color means.  Each student starts on Purple for the day, and each time they loose two pirate bucks, they move to the left one color.  If they are on Yellow at the end of the day a behavior note goes home, if they are on Red, I call home.  I would have made my chart vertical, but I didn't have any good place to hang it, so I made it horizontal.  However, I am making a new chart for next year that will be vertical and will have a lot more colors.  I think this will encourage the kids more to have better behavior if they have the opportunity to move up :). 

This is Tattle Turtle!  I purchased him from Really Good Stuff!  He is awesome, and has definitely cut down on the tattling coming to me during the day.  If the kids feel the urge to tattle, they can go up to tattle turtle and draw a picture, or write it down, and then stick it in the basket.  They only have two times during the day that they can visit tattle turtle.  I check the basket at the end of the day. 

This is the kids Pirate Wallet.  They color them the first week of school and glue it on to purple construction paper.  I take it and laminate it, fold it, and staple it together.  It holds their Pirate Bucks and Pirates Gold that they earn.

I purchased these blue tickets at Walmart and have fallen in love with how well they have worked for me.  I use them to limit the kids blurting out, shouting out, and getting out of their seat.  Each student gets four tickets that they keep in their school box.  If they blurt out, shout out, or get out of their seat without raising their hand, then they have to pay me a ticket.  If they loose all four tickets in one day, there are consequences.  


Anonymous said...

What are your consequences for losing all 4 tickets?

Teaching is a work of HEART said...

They have to pay me a pirate coin, or move their clip. I use the "surprise consequence" with the tickets. So it really works because they don't know what exactly the consequence will be.

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