Great Stuff

  These are wonderful things to have in your classroom and all are pretty inexpensive...


Some of these are really great educational videos and some are interactive games your students can play  on the eno Board or Smart board.

On the left are witchy fingers and on the right are pointer hands that I use during my reading groups to help the kids remember to point when they are reading.  Both of these you can get at party supplies stores.

These are Spacemen that I ordered from Really Good Stuff.  They are so cute!  We use them during reading groups, and when we are writing.  The kids love them and they definitely help them in remembering spaces when they are writing.

This item is not inexpensive, it is the document camera that our PTA purchased for me.  It is wonderful.  I can put any document, book, item, etc. and it will put it's picture up on my eno board.  This allows me to display a worksheet/assignment up on the board as we are completing it together.  

On the left is Pass the Pickle.  The kids love this game, and you can play it as a movement break, or you can use it as an educational game.  For example, my kids had to count by 2's as it was passed around.  On the right is my comprehension beach ball.  I purchased this from Really Good Stuff but you can buy a beach ball at Dollar Tree or Walmart and write your own questions on it with permanent marker.  We toss the beach ball during reading groups and also during shared reading.



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