Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sight Words!

Learning sight words is pretty important in Kindergarten.  So, we try to make it fun, and give the kids incentives to learning and memorizing them.  Since our mascot is the Pirate, we put the first 20 sight words that we teach on a pirate ship.  PICTURE OF THE SHIP - COMING SOON!  

When they pass their Pirate Ship, I let them walk the plank!  Which means they get to stand up on the table (while holding my hand) and walk across the table and then jump off the edge into the ocean :).  The kids absolutely love this!  And it really encourages those other kiddos who maybe haven't passed theirs yet.  When they pass their ship, I also put their name on a die cut pirate ship and place it on my cabinet.  That way, we get to see who has passed!  

This is a close up of what my signs say.  After they pass their pirate ship, they move on to their rainbow words.  Once they pass their rainbow, they get their name put on a rainbow die cut and its placed on the cabinet also.  PICTURE OF RAINBOW- COMING SOON!

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