Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Crafting!

A lot has gone on since my last post, because it was FOREVER ago!  I apologize.  I moved up to first grade last year and had a very busy year so I am going to try my hardest to post more.  I am not as good as others when it comes to taking pictures and uploading things, but I will try :).  

DESK STORAGE: I saw this idea on Pinterest, and saw that other teachers were making one and loving it!  Also, I am a pretty big organizational freak, so I tried it out.  I purchased this 22 storage drawer at Lowes, but others said they got theirs at Home Depot.  It was in the aisle with the nails and small tools, NOT the storage and organization section.  

I decided that I wanted to spray paint the outside purple (favorite color).  Then, I used primary color chevron borders to put inside the drawers for labeling.  It turned out pretty neat, and I think it is going to  really help organize those small important items.

PIRATE WALLET: Here is another thing that I found on Pinterest.  As a grade level team, we all use "Pirate Coins" as a positive reward in our classrooms.  The coins are just the assorted plastic colored coins from Oriental Trading.  In the past I have given my students Ziploc baggies to keep them in, but they just haven't held up that great, and they are kind of boring.  I saw a teacher make these wallet like things to gold flash cards for math and other things in and figured that they would work great as a wallet for the kids to keep their coins in. 

 I bought the really cheap folders from Wal-Mart and used a bowl to trace the wallet flap.  Then I cut the wallet in half and used both sides.  I folded the flap over, and placed velcro dots on the flap and bottom.  I also stapled the open side where I cut the folder in half. 

 Hopefully these will last all year, and allow the kids to keep better track of their coins. 

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