Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Teacher Planner!

I have used already made planners, and made my own Binder but I haven't seemed to be satisfied or as organized as I want to be. So I went with something a little different for this next school year. I found this wonderful lady and her website through a teacher friend.  I decided to check it out for myself and ended up LOVING her stuff.  She designs planners, calendars, business cards, mailing labels, and much more and her designs are so cute! Check her out at  This is what the outside of my planner ended up looking like after I chose from many different designs, it's customized to fit you!
The inside is even better!  There are so many things included- yearly dates to remember, a place to mark absences, graphing pages for seating charts, a yearly plan (for each month), lesson plan templates, gradebook, note taking space, and a two-pocket folder along with a plastic page protector!  I didn't take a picture of every single one of those things listed above, but did take pics of the things that you would want to take a peek at.  All of these topics are labeled in the planner with plastic tabs :) 

The left is a picture of the lesson plan template and the right is the yearly plan.

On the left are stickers that come with the planner.  You can place them inside the monthly calendar sheets which is what the picture on the right is showing.  

The notes section is on the left, and on the right is the grade book.

Now that you have had a quick peek, go ahead and design your own by clicking the link below!

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