Sunday, July 14, 2013

Educational Web Tools

I am currently doing a research web based project for my Learning Technologies masters class.  We needed to research 3 different web tools or apps and write a short review on them.  Below are the web tools I thought I could incorporate into my classroom to promote creative learning.  Let me know if you use any of these in your classroom and what your personal review would be.  Thanks!  

1. Prezi (3 in all rubric areas)

This web tool allows you to create engaging presentations.  It is almost like an interactive map that can include photos, videos, and text.  It is very simple to use, and would work for any subject.


2. iMovie (3 in all rubric areas)

This app allows you to create meaningful videos/presentations.  It has many different features that allow you to personalize it and to make it your own- such as photos, video clips, text, images, music, and more.  It encourages creative thinking and promotes student assignments that are oral and visual instead of just text.  I have made videos with my first grade students and they absolutely love it!


3. Little Story Maker (3 in all rubric areas EXCEPT use in multiple subjects-2)

This is a great app to promote creative writing in your classroom that works for many grade levels.  It allows students to create their own stories using pictures and text.  They can even record their own voice narrating the story!


4. Student Publishing (3 in all rubric areas)

This site is amazing!  It promotes creative writing, so it would be great to incorporate with Writer's Workshop or any writing program you are using in your classroom.


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